Monday, July 5, 2010

Making Community

My wife and I often talk about finding ways to make community. When we were younger and childless, it was fairly easy for us to travel about and make friends-single friends, queer friends-none of us had children so it was easy to see these people. Children bring a new dimension to socializing-one must always think "is their home kid-friendly" "will traveling to (fill in the blank) exhaust the kids?" "are these kid-friendly people" to name a few. Throw in the "hey these are two women raising children" and I don't know it all seems impossible.

Moving to the suburbs has been an education-particularly for this writer who is a city chick through and through. I haven't figured out suburban mores enough to know how to insert my family into the fabric of the community. I know we are known here-our family is fairly unique-but I wonder, is it that we are gay? that we are women of color? that our kids are cuter than theirs (I had to put that in :) )

In any event, I think it's time to be more proactive. Family Pride week in P-town is approaching and I am determined to make community for my family, one queer family at a time.

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