Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogging for LGBT Families Day

Hello All:
I hope to get a new round of readers soon during the upcoming LGBT families Bloggers event. This is why I am sitting here this beautiful Memorial Day listening to the Indigo Girls and getting back in touch with writing on my blog about being a Queer woman of color raising two kids with my wife of almost 12 years. I began writing this blog in hopes of exploring, no maybe more dissecting through writing how we live our lives given that no blueprint has been set out for us.

Parenting is no easy task, and I never thought it would be. Some of the things I think are unique to same-sex parents that need to be talked about, dealt with, resolved, and supported, are 1-we constantly are thinking about how people will view our family. 2-we have to remind our children that not all families have a mom and a dad. 3-we have to remind people in the community that not all families have a mom and a dad. 4-people question how we came to be parents. 5-people don't monitor themselves when saying things like "wow your kid looks nothing like you." 6-Canada is much more queer family friendly than the States. 7-we are often the only kind of our family in most places we go (unless it's a queer family event and even then we are often the only POC present). 8-people still expect that one parent is the mom and the other is the dad.

These are certainly just a few things of course. As a woman of color, I often have the feeling that when people see our family they are assuming we are single moms, unfortunately a reality in our communities. I find it hardest for me to be out in the POC community, but I think that's because I just don't know other queer parents of color-at all. Here lies the reason for this blog-to connect with families like mine. I suspect many other LBGT POC parents who are spread across the States or elsewhere might be looking too.

I know we exist-and I hope you reach out to me to let me know you're here via email

Thanks to the Mombian blog I can at least participate in something like this. I think this blogging event is very important given that I have found several other bloggers I visit often via this event last year and I have made a great many connections via the Internet world to other LGBT parents.

I hope to write more as soon as my kids give me a moment to breathe. Cuidate mi gente. Peace.

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