Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Queer NY State of Mind

Back in the early 90s, I was a young Latina dyke finding herself in a wonderful moment for queerness. Coming out of the closet was certainly difficult, but as my generation found their way to the queer light, they found a community ready to fight to be seen, loved, and celebrated. Reminiscing right now, listening to "Love and Happiness" with La India's fabulous house diva voice, I can easily transmit myself to the streets of the West Village, when on any given night, the streets were packed with a queerly marauding crowd. We looked, we "kee-kee'd", we vogued, we made out under streetlights, we crept on crumbling piers and held on tight to the brown sugar love that came our way by way of the wonderfully useful NYC transit.

And yet, with all that queerness, nothing at that time prepared me for being a 30-something dyke in the 'burbs, a wife and 2 kids to boot. That life was transient, the moment of gayness in that degree feels far removed from me.

Of course, I realize I was living in the zeitgeist of the 90s, a much freer, positive moment in recent history. Sitting here in my introspective mood, my Itunes playing the house music of Little Louie Vega, I sense that spirit is too much a distant memory.

Perhaps that's why I enjoyed watching RuPaul's Drag Race so much, and why I was so drawn to Nina Flowers...I remember literally bumping into RuPaul at the Pyramid, the most East of the Village I ever ventured to.

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